Fourth Element 3mm Dive Gloves

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Fourth Element 3mm Dive Gloves, with a thermoflex lining. Fourth Element dive gloves have sealed seems to help reduce water ingress, they are flexible and shaped to fit your hand making them incredibly warm and comfortable to wear diving.

Fourth Element 3mm Dive Gloves

The secret to being comfortable underwater and enjoying your dive can sometimes be as simple as having warm hands! Warm hands mean you can carry out tasks like use a camera easily, operate a reel and SMB or maybe operate tank valves when technical diving, so good gloves are really important for comfortable diving!

Fourth Element 3mm Dive Gloves are made from stretch neoprene for optimum fit and they come with carbonite finish for grip and durability. The Fourth Element 3mm Gloves use stretch neoprene with glued, stitched and welded seams to give a close fit that almost eliminates the entry of water, whilst maximising flexibility and warmth, this makes the fit very comfortable while offering ecxellent insulation and dexterity.

Fourth Element 3mm Dive Gloves - Features

  • Stretch 3mm neoprene for flexibility and comfort
  • Increased dexterity due to the shaped cut and flex materials
  • Sealed seems reduce water ingress and increase warmth
  • Thermoflex lining for warmth
  • Minimalist cut to make them easier to get on
  • Carbonite finish for grip and increased durability


More Information
Glove Thickness 3mm
Wrist Seal / Securing Gripping Wrist
Glove Reinforcing Print On Reinforcing Palm/Fingers
Glove Style 5 Finger Glove
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