Scubapro D-Flex 2mm Diving Wetsuit Glove

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Scubapro D-Flex 2mm Divers Wetsuit Glove, is a warm yet incredibly flexible dive glove. Made with 2mm X-Foam the D-Flex offers maximum dexterity and feels like a second skin when being worn, the palm is printed with a non slip surface for improved grip. Ideal as a UK summer glove or tropical glove.

Scubapro D-Flex Dive Gloves Are Also Available In Childrens Sizes

Scubapro D-Flex 2mm Diving Wetsuit Glove

Delivering the perfect balance of warmth and protection for UK Summer diving and tropical diving, the Scubapro D-Flex, quality entry-level divers glove, offers a lot of stretch for maximum comfort and finger dexterity, plus its contoured shape provides acomfortable fit. The non-slip printed palm provides maximum gripping power and the inside plush lining is warm and dries fast.

The D-Flex is available in 5 sizes including 2 childrens sizes. Made From Scubapro X-Foam Neoprene

What Is Scubapro X-Foam Neoprene

All Scubapro neoprene products are made using Scubapro's X-Foam neoprene which is more environmentally friendly, causes less pollution in the manufacture and improves comfort for the diver!

  • Petroleum Free: Made from limestone neoprene.
  • The ONLY formula that complies with P.A.H tests: Ensures fewer pollutants.
  • Lighter Weight: Ideal for travel and improves comfort.
  • Great Elasticity and Flexibility: Increase comfort and mobility.
  • Higher Insulation Efficiency: Improve heat retention.
  • Very Durable: Year of life from Scubapro X-Foam neoprene products.


MPN: 58.164.300

More Information
MPN 58.164.300
Glove Thickness 2mm
Wrist Seal / Securing None - Simple Pull On
Glove Reinforcing Print On Reinforcing Palm/Fingers
Glove Style 5 Finger Glove
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