Wetsuit Gloves

Wetsuit Gloves

Dive Gloves Are Essential To Keep Divers Hands Warm and Functioning. If a divers hands get cold then its a good indicator that the diver is getting too cold, this means that we dont enjoy the dive so much but moreover we may not be able to work safety related equipment so well like an SMB and Reel for asscent, or a BCD/Dry Suit inflator, which could lead to an incident.

Gloves generally come in a summer or winter thickness, most summer gloves being 3mm or slightly less and winter gloves tending to be considered as 5mm. ~When choosing gloves its important that they fit well and allow the diver to operate his or her kit like a BCD inflator or divers reel and SMB. Obviously there is a compromise if we make the gloves super thick they will be warm but divers wont have any dexterity if we make them too thin then dexterity is great but they are not warm enough!

Choose your dive gloves well and you  will enjoy your diving more and feel more comfortable with your equipment!


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