Rip Curl Ladies 5/3 CZ Dawn Patrol GBS Wetsuit/Steamer - Charcoal/Aqua

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Ladies Dawn Patrol 5/3 CZ Wetsuit/Steamer, a chest zip Dawn Patrol for ladies in charcoal colour and a 5/3mm combination for added warmth. The Ladies Dawn Patrol features Rip Curl's E5 Neoprene and E5 Flash lining for added warmth. A high quality, great value wetsuit allowing you to stay warm in the water for longer.

Rip Curl Ladies 5/3 CZ Dawn Patrol GBS Wetsuit/Steamer - Charcoal/Aqua

Rip Curl Ladies 5/3 CZ Dawn Patrol Winter Suit in Charcoal, a 5mm, 3mm combination of Rip Curl E5 and E4 neoprene combined with Rip Curl's E5 Flash Lining make the 5/3 Ladies Dawn Patrol a really warm and high performance wetsuit for Autumn, Winter and Spring in the UK, and lets be honest some summers too!

The Chest Zip (CZ) Dawn PAtrol offers the greatest warmth and flexibility, as the removeal of a zipper in the back panel increase strect bith vertically and horizontally and allows the suit to fit snugger and better therefore making the Dawn Patrol CZ warmerand more comfortable.

The Rip Curl Dawn Patrol range is a great value, high performance, durable and top quality range of wetsuits allowing you to stay in the water for longer and be more comfortable. The ladies Dawn Patrol is available in a variety of stylish colours, patterns and tones and features a efined panelling pattern to achieve a high performance feminine form.

The Women's Dawn Patrol wetsuit features E5 Neoprene, 3/4 E4 Thermoflex, 3/4 E5 taping and is fully glued and blind stitched.

Ladies Rip Curl Dawn Patrol 5/3 Wetsuit - Features

  • E5 Neoprene with premium high stretch and lightweight properties
  • E4 Thermoflex Back mesh "skin panels" for maximum solar absorption whilst reducing wind chill
  • Supremely comfortable E5 Flash Lining front and back panels with water wicking technology
  • E5 Taped stress points for durability and strength
  • Chest zip for increase flexibility and comfort
  • GBS Construction
  • 5/3mm thickness

Ladies Dawn Patrol 5/3 Wetsuit - Features Video

MPN: WSM9AS-8059-8

More Information
MPN WSM9AS-8059-8
Wetsuit Type 5/3mm Steamer
Gender Adult Ladies
Zipper Type Chest Zip
Neoprene Thickness 5/3mm
Wetsuit Features / Technology Chest Zip, GBS - Glued & Blindstitched, Rip Curl E4 Thermoflex Neoprene, Rip Curl E5 Flash Fast Dry/Warm lining, Rip Curl E5 Premium High Stretch NeopreneNeoprene, Rip Curl E5 Taping

Rip Curl Ladies Wetsuit Size Guide

These sizes are a guide only provided by Rip Curl. Please remember that a wetsuit must fit very snugly to be effective, and must be put on correctly to get a true feel for the fit (see below).

UK Size US Size Height (1) Chest (2) Waist (3) Seat (4) Thigh (5) Arm (6) Leg (7) Body
6 2 145 71 58 85 45 46 63 54
8 4 155 78 61 86.5 48 48.4 66 54.8
10 6 160 82 63.5 89 51 49.6 68.5 56
10T 6T 165 82 64 89 51 51 71 57
12S 8S 165 84 65 90 52 51 71 57
12 8 165 86 66 91.5 53.5 50.8 71 57.2
14 10 170 90 68.5 94 56 52 73.5 56
16 12 175 94 71 96.5 58.5 53.2 76 59.6
18 14 178 96 73.5 99 61 54.4 78.5 60.8
20 16 181 100 75,8 101 63 55 78.5 62

Please note sizing information is listed in centimetres.

Putting on a wetsuit correctly

  • Ensure all zips are fully open and turn the torso down to the waist.
    • Turning the torso down is more critical with a chest zip or zipperless wetsuit!
  • Holding the ankle open push your foot into the suit
  • Once your foot is through the ankle work the suit up your lower leg in small stages.
    • Grip the suit with the pads of your finger tips NOT YOUR NAILS to avoid damaging the suit.
    • Work the suit up by holding the suit a few inches above the ankle.
    • Then move up a few inches and worjk the suit up again
  • Continue this process up the lower leg and ensure the knee protection is high (better to be slightly too high than too low!)
  • Work the suit over the upper leg in the same way 
  • Ensure that the crotch of the suit is very high and snug to your crotch before starting to work the torso up.
  • Again work the torso up in small stages (A good fitting suit will not allow you to simply pul it up the body easily)
  • For both chest zip and back zip suits pull the torso over your chest
  • Ensure that there is no slack between the crotch and the top of the suit.
  • Back Zip
    • Slide 1 arm into the suit again working the sleeve over your arm in small stages starting at the wrist and working up.
    • Once up fully slide the other arm in a repeat 
    • Once both arms are in push your shoulders back and pull the zip.
    • Once in the suit stretch fully, pull the neck off to allow air in and stretc again and squat to ascerain its a good fit
  • Chest Zip
    • Choose the arm that has the closed end of the zip and work that arm in first as above.
    • Once in then work the second arm in.
    • Stretch your arms and then pull the neck over in one movement while "ducking" your head and push your head through the neck.
  • Removal
  • When removing a suit you should peel the suit in the revers of the above.
  • Once removed the suit should be inside out

Videos Of How To Put On A Wetusit - Rip Curl

Chest Zip Wetsuit

Back Zip Wetsuit


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