Scubapro GO Travel 3mm Wetsuit Sock

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Scubapro GO Travel 3mm Wetsuit Sock

!!<Scubapro Go 3mm Travel Wetsuit Sock,>!! offers foot protection for travelling divers. The Go travel sock is an ideal partner to the Scubapro Go Travel fins, in 3mm neoprene with a raised ankle and thin sole the Go Travel sock is ideal for use in warmer climates for travelling divers and snorkellers. !!<Designed To Be Worn With Go Travel Fins Here>!! {Overview} !!<

Scubapro GO SOck - 3mm Travel Wetsuit Sock

>!! Designed to be worn with GO travel fins, the new Scubapro 3mm GO sock features a thin sole to provide some cushion and stability, and a low-cut upper for comfort and easy donning and doffing. Offering versatile foot protection, this sock is also ideal for wearing on tropical beaches and in training pools. !!<Scubapro GO Sock - Features
  • 3mm neoprene sock.
  • Lightweight, ideal for travelling.
  • Thin lightweight sole for added protection and wear resistance.
  • Slightly higher ankle than normal low cut socks to help with wearing fins.
  • Designed for use with Scubapro Go Travel Fins
>!! The Scubapro GO sock is made form Scubapro's X-Foam Neoprene. {X-Foam} !!<

What Is Scubapro X-Foam Neoprene

    All Scubapro neoprene products are made using Scubapro's X-Foam neoprene which is more environmentally friendly, causes less pollution in the manufacture and improves comfor for the user!
  • Petroleum Free: Made from limestone neoprene.
  • The ONLY formula that complies with P.A.H tests: Ensures fewer pollutants.
  • Lighter Weight: Ideal for travel and improves comfort.
  • Great Elasticity and Flexibility: Increase comfort and mobility.
  • Higher Insulation Efficiency: Improve heat retention.
  • Very Durable: Year of life from Scubapro X-Foam neoprene products.

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